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SMART Tunnel

How MMC-Gamuda Built a 'SMART-TUNNEL' With KSM's Breakthrough Noise and Vibration Technology


The Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel (SMART Tunnel) system was built in 2007 right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city centre. Helmed by MMC-Gamuda, this unique 9.7km long storm drainage and road structure project was initiated to primarily reduce the occurrence of floods and traffic congestion in the city. However, despite its innovative design and structure, the tunnel emitted noise magnified manifold; which posed as health and safety hazard to the surrounding residential and commercial areas.

Here's how we helped MMC-Gamuda realised its ideals without compromising on the health and safety standards, whilst retaining the desirable quality of the environment and achieving its intended purpose of traffic alleviation and flood mitigation.

The Challenge

One of MMC-Gamuda's critical focus in the project was to ensure that noise and pressure levels from its North and South ventilation shafts comply to health and safety standards. It is pertinent, too that while noise signals are reduced, it will not distort its waveform to ensure that the tunnel performs optimally. We took on the task to equip the tunnel with the right solution. Our scope was to design, manufacture, supply and deliver tunnel ventilation attenuators. Our previous track record, par excellence experience in noise and vibration control and vision to create a more efficient environment, led us into partnership with MMC-Gamuda to jointly create one of the best tunneling system in the world.

The Strategy 

Our team of highly skilled engineers, drafters and designers worked swiftly under tight deadlines and volatile requirements to design the perfect attenuators that will reduce distortion and noise to an acceptable level. In our private ISO-certified test laboratory and fabrication yard, our skillful fabricators ran multiple FAT tests under strict ISO7235 procedures. Our constant consulting and working alongside MMC-Gamuda engineers, assured them of the accuracy and progress of the project. Together, we ran acoustics laboratory measurement for ducted silencers and air terminal units, focusing on insertion loss, flow noise and total pressure loss. We also conducted the all-important water test. As the attenuators were expected to work optimally after floods, we deliberately designed and tested our attenuators to withstand extreme moisture conditions. Our testing facility is equipped to perform this test.

We conducted noise measurements around the clock including midnight, to ensure all aspects of the design were copiously tested to meet the noise and pressure criteria.

Beyond testing, we ensured the project exceeds expectations through:

  1. Proper planning and organised scheduling of our fabrication yard capacity in order to accommodate massive amount of work within tight deadlines.

  2. Adhere to stringent ISO procedures to ensure quality of our fabricated products.

  3. Efficient and timely delivery of each phase of the project.

  4. Safe and secured storage of attenuators pre-delivery; controlled conditions were applied to avoid damage to the attenuators due to weather and humid conditions.

  5. Efficient coordination and supervision of third-party acoustic splitters installer.

  6. Constant communication via meetings and follow ups with main contractors, consultants and all stake-holders for a timely delivery and up-to-date progress.

  7. Meticulous and proper document handling and paperwork.

The Results

All attenuators met the noise and pressure drop criteria required by MMC-Gamuda. Attenuators were delivered and installed punctually, thus ensuring project milestones were achieved without delays.

Our global experience has given us perspective knowledge and valuable insight towards understanding crucial requirements and designing and fabricating optimal solutions. We evaluate all vital details of MMC-Gamuda's requirements to ensure no wastage nor redundancy in our solution. This translated into savings in ringgit and sens for our clients.

Also, in 2016, the SMART Tunnel was listed one of the World's Greatest Tunnels by US media site CNN [1] and till date it has been used to divert storm water over 44 times with over 30,000 cars passing through everyday, as tallied by the Road Traffic Technology Journal. [2]

Leveraging on our own ISO certified testing facility and expertise, we saved MMC-Gamuda the cost, time and hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and having to run many third-party tests. Under stringent ISO environment, MMC-Gamuda was confident too, of our workmanship, professionalism and quality of our products.

As a reputable turnkey heavy industrial noise control specialist, we ensured delivery in a timely manner and kept to all our deadlines for each phase of the project. Our fabrication facility is well equipped and organised to undertake tests for large load orders.

Our people, fueled by their spirit of excellence, are always ready to go beyond their scope of work to ensure the project's success. Combining our skills and knowledge, customer insight and innovation, we work as team with MMC-Gamuda to achieve leadership in infrastructure  development. 




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